Reasons to Consider SureSmile Clear Aligners for Teeth Straightening

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SureSmile® is a type of clear aligner that is offered by orthodontists for teeth straightening. Orthodontists offer SureSmile® as an alternative option for teeth straightening, and with good reason. There are many supporting factors for choosing these clear aligners to address crookedness, crowding, and unevenness. Having an understanding of these factors can go a long way in the consideration process. Continue reading to find out more.

Why choose SureSmile® for teeth straightening

Outlined below are a few reasons why SureSmile® clear aligners are worth considering for teeth straightening. This information can be helpful to review when looking into different treatment options.


One of the main reasons that SureSmile® clear aligners are a great option for teeth straightening is that they offer ease when it comes to the treatment process. Because the aligners are removable, wearers are able to easily practice oral hygiene without missing certain areas as is the case with traditional braces. Additionally, it is a lot easier for wearers to go through the SureSmile® process because there is flexibility with wearing times. Things like picture day do not have to be impacted due to teeth straightening. It is easy to remove the aligners and put them back in afterward. 


Another reason that SureSmile® aligners are worth the consideration is the comfort. Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners are flexible in the mouth. The material does not involve metal wires and brackets that can rub against the soft tissues in the mouth. Instead, the soft plastic material remains comfortable when worn over the top or bottom arch of teeth. 


A lot of individuals do not want to undergo teeth straightening treatment from an orthodontist because of their appearance. Traditional braces are not the most appealing in the mouth due to the metal wires and brackets. However, with SureSmile® clear aligners, the mouth does not draw extra attention. Because the entire piece is clear, it is incredibly difficult to notice it within the mouth. This is seen as a huge advantage to individuals who are considering their teeth straightening options. 

The results

Lastly, SureSmile is a great treatment option for teeth straightening because it produces effective, permanent results that can be achieved in as little as a few months. There is a misconception that clear aligners are not as effective as traditional braces, but this is not the case. The results from clear aligners can be just as positive as from metal braces. 

Talk to an orthodontist about SureSmile®

When needing to undergo teeth straightening, it is advised to talk directly with an orthodontist. SureSmile® is a great option; however, it does require an evaluation first. The orthodontist can evaluate the teeth, jaw, and rest of the oral cavity to determine if the aligners are a viable option. From there, a plan of action can be put into place. To find out more about SureSmile® and what is involved in the treatment process, reach out today. 

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